To our Valued Service Members and Families:
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As we navigate COVID-19 together, we want to be sure we continue to be transparent in our communication and keep you updated on our plans.
Community Updates 27 March 2020


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    Air Force Privatization

  • What is the Air Force Privatization Program?

    • The Air Force Privatization Program is a government initiative which allows private sector developers to leverage appropriated construction funds and government owned property to own, operate, maintain, improve, and assume responsibility for military family housing.

  • How does privatization affect the service that military members receive?

    • Hunt Companies draws upon their private sector experience to provide first-rate services and amenities to our military families. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer services and Nellis Family Housing promises to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the standards in the surrounding community.

  • Assignments

  • If I clear quarters before deployment, do I have priority on the wait list when I return?

    • No, the date you reapply for housing is your new eligibility date.

  • If I currently live on base, do I need any additional information regarding my deployment?

    • Yes, please leave a point of contact for Rear Detachment with us in case we need to contact you regarding your allotment.

  • If I’m a single parent and deployed, can I appoint someone to occupy my home and take care of my children?

    • Yes, but documentation is required for your file, including an Exception to Policy document with point of contact information, a copy of the Special Power of Attorney, and paperwork demonstrating temporary guardianship of your child/children to your appointee.

  • What if I’m deployed and my family wants to visit for an extended period of time?

    • Your spouse must come into our office and fill out our Point of Contact form. This lists phone numbers where he or she can be reached as well as a local contact for emergencies.

  • What do I do if my allotment for BAH has stopped for any reason?

    • Unless you've properly cleared your quarters the allotment will automatically start back up the next month. However, any past due rent for the month in which your allotment was stopped is due immediately. Payment can be made directly at the Nellis Family Housing office. Please contact our office if this occurs.

  • What should I do if I decide to move off base before or during my deployment?

    • We require written documentation of your deployment status stating you are deployed for more than 90 days as well as a proper 30-day written notice to vacate. If the Service Member is not available the spouse will need a Power of Attorney to submit documentation.

  • What are the requirements for vacating my home?

    • Written notice is required before vacating quarters and should be given at our management office as soon as you are aware of your moving arrangements (ideally, 30 days prior to your lease expiration date). In the case of deployment, PCS, etc., contact our office at as soon as you are notified; we will assist you in the process.

  • What happens if my name is called on the wait list while I’m deployed?

    • Your spouse will need Power of Attorney in order to sign for quarters on post, start the allotment for BAH, and pay the prorated rent. Please make sure we have contact numbers for your spouse. You’ll also need to make sure your spouse knows how to contact and set up your transportation appointment.

  • How does the waiting list process work?

    • You may apply for privatized housing as soon as you receive your official orders.  You will be eligible to be added to the waitlist no more than 45 days from your RNLTD (Report No Later Than Date).  If you arrive prior to your eligibility date, please visit the Housing Management Office to confirm your arrival.

  • How does the Assignment process work?

    • You can complete the online application here or apply at the Nellis Family Housing Office in person. Before we can assign a house each applicant must obtain a referral certificate from the base Housing Management Office.

  • Can a family be moved from a three bedroom to a two bedroom if they only have one child?

    • No. Once a resident is settled in, they cannot be downgraded.

  • What happens if my family size increases?

    • Visit the Family Housing Management Office to request a Quarters to Quarters Move (IBM) to a larger unit. If a larger unit is not immediately available you will be placed on the proper wait list. Please be aware moves of this type are at the service member’s expense.  Quarters to Quarters moves are not conducted during peak PCS Season (May - September).

  • Lease Signing

  • What if I receive orders to PCS or TDY for more than thirty days?

    • The lease contains provisions that allow you to break your lease with a proper 30-day written notice and a copy of the orders. Be sure to contact our office as soon as you are notified so that we can assist you.

  • What if I receive immediate orders and am not able to provide 30 days notice?

    • If you receive short orders, the 30 day requirement may be waived. Official orders are not required to start the notice process; we can accept any form of documentation regarding reassignment. Most importantly, contact our office as soon as you are notified so we can assist you.

  • Do I have to sign a lease?

    • Yes, all residents are required to sign a lease.

  • What if I decide to break my lease for other reasons prior to the one-year expiration?

    • If you do not fulfill your lease term, i.e., move out before your lease expires, you are held responsible for rent until such time as your lease expires or a new resident moves in to your residence, whichever occurs first.

  • What happens if I get divorced?

    • A divorce constitutes a change in eligibility and you no longer qualify to occupy housing. In such cases, the service member and/or family are required to vacate the home.

  • How will I sign the lease if I am the military member and am deployed or on an unaccompanied tour?

    • Your spouse may sign the lease if they have a Power of Attorney. If your spouse does not have Power of Attorney please contact the Family Housing Office for further assistance.

  • What kind of lease does Nellis Family Housing use?

    • The lease is a standard resident agreement used by all privatized military housing and conventional (civilian) rental properties. Residents are required to sign a lease in order to reside in housing. The lease specifies the rights and responsibilities of resident and owner. The lease also sets the service member's BAH as the rent payment.

  • Maintenance

  • Who will be performing maintenance service requests for the privatized housing, and will I be charged?

    • Our fully bonded maintenance staff will be resolving all service requests for residents. Hunt Companies provides a 24-hour a day service line where you’ll talk to a real person to provide the details of your request. We will even take care of your request if you cannot take time off from your busy schedule to be in your home. Residents will never be charged for the service performed.

  • How do I contact Maintenance if I have a maintenance service request?

    • You can submit a request online or contact the service line at 702-643-6800. For after hours emergencies, call (702) 677-3661

  • Will garbage be picked up?

    • Yes. Nellis Family Housing will be responsible for trash pickup and recycling at no additional cost to the resident.

  • Miscellaneous Questions

  • What is the satellite dish policy?

    • Satellite dishes are allowed with prior written approval from management.

  • What is the shed policy?

    • Sheds are allowed in older housing areas only with prior written approval from management.

  • What is the trampoline policy?

    • Trampolines are allowed with Exception to Policy form executed by Management.   They must have a safety net, be properly secured to the ground, and within a fenced yard.  

  • Are RVs and boats permitted?

    • Parking of RVs, boats, trailers, etc., is not allowed within family housing unless the vehicle is parked in the resident’s garage or if the vehicle is being used for loading or unloading.  Vehicle loading or unloading is limited to no more than 24 hours and must not obstruct traffic.

  • Pets

  • What is the pet policy?

    • The number of pets in a home is limited to two. Pets weighing over 100 pounds are not allowed to reside at Nellis Family Housing. All households with pets are required to have a fenced yard. Residents are required to complete a Pet Addendum with the leasing agreement or when a new pet joins the family. The following aggressive breeds are not permitted: Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweiler, or any other breed with dominant traits geared toward aggression. Residents are responsible for any pet damages. Exotic pets are not allowed.

  • Rent Payments

  • How does BAH work for families where both spouses are military members?

    • Both members will receive BAH. The senior member receives it at the with-dependent rate while the junior member receives it at the without-dependent rate. Under current Department of Defense rules only the senior member's BAH at the with-dependent rate is used to calculate the rent amount. The family may keep the BAH of the junior member.

  • What does my rent include?

    • Your rent includes all normal monthly expenses, except electric and gas utilities.

  • If my rent is late, do I need to pay a late fee?

    • Yes, late fees apply for rent and all other charges that are not paid in a timely manner.

  • How much is my rent?

    • Your rent is the BAH you receive minus the Utility Allowance. BAH is based on rank and area of assignment not on the size of the home.

  • What happens if I earn a promotion during the lease period?

    • In the event of a promotion, the Service Member may request a move to a base house commensurate with his or her new rank. The member’s rent will be increased to match the increased BAH. You must notify management within 30 days of your promotion.

  • What happens if I’m demoted during the lease period?

    • In the event of a demotion, the Service Member will pay the decreased BAH amount for rent, but must notify the management office in writing within 30 days.

  • What is the eviction policy?

    • Residents may be evicted for non-payment, egregious acts, or failure to follow Community Policies. The Command is involved in ALL eviction proceedings.

  • Is BAH counted as income? Specifically, will it affect the cost of day care?

    • BAH is an entitlement and is not counted as taxable income. However, it will be included in gross income which means programs based on an individual's gross income may be affected.

  • Who is responsible for answering my payment questions?

    • You may direct your questions to the Community Manager.

  • Am I going to lose money if the current year BAH amount for my grade and ZIP code is less than I was getting last year?

    • No. BAH rate protection does not allow reductions in housing allowances as long as the Service Member maintains uninterrupted eligibility for BAH. If your duty assignment station, your rank, and your family status do not change you will always receive the higher BAH amount.

  • Can I ever lose BAH rate protection?

    • The following circumstances change your status and interrupt your eligibility for the allowance: if you are promoted or demoted your rate protection resets for your new rank; if your dependency status changes your rate protection is adjusted to the new status.

  • Will rent be pro-rated if I move out before or after the last day of the month?

    • Yes. Rent is assessed only for the days that you live in housing.

  • How will I pay rent?

    • For Service Members in the Army, Navy, and Air Force the rent is paid by allotment. We utilize Military Assistance Company (MAC), an organization approved by the military services to manage the allotment process. Your BAH on your LES is an entitlement and is listed as a payment to Nellis Family Housing. The advantages of payment by allotment are that you will not be required to pay a security deposit and your rent will be due in arrears. For example, your January rent is received on February 1st.

      For Service Members in the Marines payment by Allotment still applies, but you are responsible for filling out an Allotment Form (DD Form 2558) and forwarding your copy of the form to your finance administrator. We also need a copy of the form for our files.

      Service Members in the Coast Guard are responsible for filling out an Allotment Worksheet (CG PSC-2040). Nellis Family Housing requires a copy of the PSC-2040 and it is the resident's responsibility to deliver the original signed PSC-2040 to the PERSRU Office for initiation of the rent allotment.

  • How does military housing privatization affect a service member’s Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)?

    • Privatization does not affect the amount of BAH that is paid to the service member. Prior to privatization, service members did not receive BAH if they lived in military housing. Under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, all service members choosing to live in privatized military housing receive their BAH and use the BAH to pay the privatized housing provider. The rent payment (usually equal to BAH) will be automatically transferred to Nellis Family Housing at the end of each month; this process will be performed and monitored by Military Assistance Company, LLC (MAC), the world's largest processor of automatic payroll deductions for military and civil service employees. The BAH is used by the company to maintain and operate the existing housing, as well as to fund the construction of the new houses and amenities.

  • How is an individual’s BAH entitlement and rent allotment determined?

    • The government determines the service member's BAH based on the cost of similar rental property near the base, typical utilities, and his/her rank. An allotment from the service member's account is set up upon lease signing to pay rent.

  • Utilities

  • Will I have to pay utilities?

    • The utility allowance portion of your BAH will cover all or part of your electric and gas utilities. Trash, recycling collection, water, and sewer services are provided by Nellis Family Housing at no cost to residents.

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